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3rd Rothenfels Dance Symposium
Burg Rothenfels am Main
6 - 10 June 2012

„all’ungaresca – al español“
The Variety of European Dance Culture
from 1420 to 1820

A conference for amateur and professional dancers and dance historians

“In Britain, you have the hornpipe, a dance which is held an original of this country. Some of the steps of it are used in the country-dances here, which are themselves a kind of dance executed with more variety and agreeableness than in any part of Europe, where they are also imitatively performed, as in Italy, Germany and in several other countries” (Giovanni-Andrea Gallini, 1762).

In our 3rd Rothenfels Dance Symposium the focus will be on the variety of European dance culture – from social to stage dance and folk to courtly dance – from the Early Renaissance to the end of the Napoleonic era. In particular we will investigate the manifold styles and dances of the individual countries, their social and political context and historical development. Another consideration will be the “journeys” of these dance forms, their dispersion to other European countries and their colonies, their reception, further development and impact as “cultural ambassadors” or even as political statements. Finally we will trace the travel routes of dancers and dance masters, their careers in different countries, the influence of local dance styles on their own development and their influence on the local dance culture.

- A series of lectures conveys the current state of dance research.

- Workshops invite you to discover new stylistic directions.

- Short performances make possible new insights.

- A bookstore presents a rich selection of dance books, music and recordings.

- Social dance evenings with live music provide a relaxed ending to each day.

- A festive ball in (optional) period costume is the high point of the conference.

- All participants are lodged at Burg Rothenfels, so there is ample opportunity for
making acquaintances, discussing the lectures, and exchanging ideas
in an informal setting.