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Information about Corona
(Status: 29 August 2021)

On this page we try to keep you informed about how the Corona pandemic will affect the organization of the meeting. Presumably there will be a significant improvement of the situation by June 2022, but a completely unaffected realization of the conference is unlikely.

Please inform yourself about the latest legal regulations. The information compiled here is for your orientation, but the organizer assumes no liability in this regard.

Corona Checklist:

Hygienestation 2021 DSC01430

Preparations at home:

Sufficient vaccination protection?
- We strongly recommend a Corona vaccination, if necessary a timely booster vaccination is also useful. Vaccination is by far the best protection against infection and severe courses of the disease.

Corona test necessary?
- If there is no vaccination protection, a corona test may be necessary immediately before arrival.

Certificates at hand?
- According to current regulations, proof of complete vaccination protection, or proof of a Corona infection no longer than 6 months ago, or a current Corona test must be presented upon arrival.

Arriving from abroad?
- Please be sure to check the current regulations for entry into Germany. Certificates of vaccination/recovered status or a current test may have to be presented. Under certain circumstances a quarantine may be ordered.
- Caution. Currently some vaccines (e.g. Sputnik, Sinovac) are not accepted in the EU.
- Also inquire about re-entry into the home country. Tests or quarantine may be required there as well.

Stay at the castle:

Daily Corona self-tests:
-To enhance the safety of participants, we will conduct daily antigen self-testing during the meeting. Testing is mandatory for all participants regardless of vaccination or recovery status. Attendants will receive test kits upon arrival. It is their own responsibility to do the tests before breakfast each day.
- If a test is positive or if symptoms of illness occur during the stay, we unfortunately have to ask the person concerned to leave immediately. If it is not possible to leave during the day, an isolated accommodation unit will be provided for overnight stay.

Possible restrictions during the meeting:
- Depending on the development of the pandemic, the realization of the conference may be restricted by legal regulations. This possibly concerns a mask obligation in certain situations, limitation of the number of persons in the conference rooms, regular airing of the rooms, fixed seating at meals, allocation of certain shower rooms and toilets.

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