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5th Historical Dance Symposium
Burg Rothenfels am Main
15 - 19 June 2022

Conference activities

The symposium comprises 14 lectures, 8 research poster presentations, 6 workshops, 3 compact performances, 3 dance evenings and a festive ball. In the mornings, the lectures take place, in the afternoons the workshops are held, while the evenings provide time for compact performances and dance evenings.

To enable more intensive working, participants in the workshops are divided into three groups, for the dance evenings into two groups. As the workshops and dance evenings are repeated several times, it will be possible for each participant to attend all workshops and dance evenings.

On Saturday evening, a festive ball takes place (costumes of the period from c. 1780 - 1840 are very welcome). The basis of the ball programme is provided by the choreographies of the preceding dance evenings and by simple dances for all from the epoch in question. A special highlight is the live musical accompaniment by the symposium’s music ensemble.


General Schedule 2022 6 3ohne


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